10 Free Image Editing Software’s

April 24, 2010

  • Image Editing software’s are in abundance today and many of these software’s are so complicated that if a user wants to make some simple changes the picture or image he has to first spend some time with these software’s,before her can do so.

    Here are some of the image editing software’s that are really compact and light weight and open up pretty fast,to make some quick and fast changes to your images.

    You can also take these as free Photoshop alternatives as some of these image editing software’s target some specific image editing features only.

    10 Free Photoshop Alternative Software’s that are compact and make image editing a piece of cake.

    1. Artweaver

    One of the Free image editing alternatives (Despite its small size) to Photoshop that comes close to what Photoshop CS4 has to offer.

    Artweaver editor

    Their is also a portable version of Artweaver.

    Size:- 6.3 MB

    Operating Systems Supported:- Windows 2000 to Windows 7

    Download Artweaver Image editor

    2. XnView

    XnView is around the same size as compared to Artweaver and does what artweaver can do.

    Xnview image editor

    Support for around 45 Languages (For windows format only).

    Their is also a portable version of XnView

    Size:- 6.1 MB

    Operating system Supported b:- Windows,Linux, Mac

    Download for Windows, Mac or Linux

    3. FastStone

    Their are four different formats that Faststone is available in .


    Their is a image viewer, image capture, Maxview and a Faststone photoresizer.

    The basic difference between all these versions of Faststone image editor is that every one does the best what it has been named and is complemented by other features of other image editors.

    You can also create Slideshows with 150+ transition effects and music support.

    Support for 15 Different languages.

    Portable version is also available.

    Size:- 4.5 MB

    Operating system supported:- Windows

    Download Faststone

    4. Fotografix

    Fotografix is not so attractive in terms of its interface but has some pretty cool features.

    Fotogafix image editor

    Their are a set of painting tools ,image selection tools including the magical magic wand tool.

    Support for multiple languages.

    Considering the small size of this image editing software I don’t think that their is a need for a portable version.

    Size:- 353 KB

    Operating system supported :- Windows

    Download Fotografix

    5. Splash up

    Splash up light is a Adobe Air based image editor and so has a nice looking interface. You can the images taken directly from web cam and edit them on Splash up.

    Splash up Image editor

    With such a small size of only around 95 KB  their is not much you do with splash up light but then it does offer some pretty basic image editing features.

    No portable version.

    Software Size:- 93.5 KB

    Operating systems supported :- Mac,Windows ,Linux

    Download Splash up

    6. i.MAGE

    i.Mage is a small and fast graphics editor slanted towards quite and easy pixel editing, ala DPaint from the DOS/Amiga days.Instead of being a bloated behemoth with a zillion plugins it starts in under a second and it does a lot of the tough jobs of image editing quickly and without fuss. The right tool for simple jobs.

    No portable version

    Software Size:- 730 KB

    Operating systems supported:- Windows, Linux(Stable ’04 version)

    Download i.MAGE

    7. Paint.net

    Everyone has heard about or used this image editing software and it does deserve a mention as one of the best and yet simple image editing tool present in the market today.


    With the evolution this image editor had evolved as well and their are some nice plugins for it which are meant for some specific image editing tasks.

    Software size: – 4.8 MB

    Operating system supported:- Windows xp SP3 to windows 7

    Download Paint.net

    8. Irfanview

    It is a simple image editor for beginners and a powerful one for professionals.


    Irfanview is one of the oldest image viewer that was meant for Windows and was basically meant for image viewing only.
    But now you can also do some nice image editing as well and that too for free.
    Their are some Plugins also available and it supports many languages as well(around 32 languages).

    Software size:- 1.3 MB

    Operating system supported :-Windows only

    Download Irfanview

    9. Easy Photo Editor

    Some what limited in features in terms of image editing but does the most basic jobs of image editing.You can edit up to 6 images at a time ,but if you want to edit more then that at a time then you have to pay $29.95 for a full version of this software.It supports the major image formats like BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and multipage TIFF. Images can be converted, resized, rotated, and stamped with text or graphics. Lastly, Easy Photo Editor makes it easy for you to email your edited images via the Internet.

    Size of the software:- 1.25MB

    Operating system supported :-Windows only

    Download Easy Photo Editor

    10. Free Image Editor

    Free Image Editor is a simple image editor that lets you edit your  photos or create your own graphics from scratch. You can start a new project from step 1, capture the current window, scan an image from your scanner, or use the contents of your clipboard.One of the features that free image editor is really good at is that you can take screenshots of a the full screen or a part of your desktop.

    Software size:- 1.53 MB

    Operating system supported:- Windows only

    Download Free Image Editor

    11. PhotoFiltre

    A nice and clean interface for some basic image editing,but lacks the layers option (may not be good for advanced image editing).


    Like  Free Image Editor you can stamp your images,change the contrast,saturation and do a couple of more image tweaking.

    Software size:- 1.75 MB

    Operating system supported:- Windows only

    Download Photfiltre


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