11 Excellent Father’s Day Gift Ideas

May 21, 2013

  • Choosing the perfect gift for Father’s Day is the best way to show you love and appreciation. However, as all dads have different tastes and interests, finding the perfect gift can be confusing. Well here is a list of the most loved gifts that will help you in choosing the right one for your pa.

    Outdoors Dad Gifts

    outdoor dad

    Is your dad an outdoor guy? Does he spend a lot of his time in outdoor activities like trekking, hiking exploring natural spaces and hunting? Most Dads love to spend time outdoors with their friends, family and even alone. Whether it may be hunting, hiking or exploring they need the right gears to enjoy the activity to the fullest. He deserves something related to his interests, a pair of boots or a bag pack will surely make him feel loved. Here is the list of the most loved Outdoors Dad gifts which will be perfect for him.

    Businessman Dad Gifts

    Senior executive business man

    Is your dad always busy working? Is he traveling a lot and spending most of his time in offices? Well, he must be working hard round the clock to make sure his family lives in all comfort. It’s the day of the year which should remind him that his family cares about him. A new tie or cufflinks can be a good a gift, so here’s a list of gifts for your Businessman dad.

    Liquor-Lover Dad Gifts

    alcohol lover

    Dads like drinking all afternoon! It’s his special day, a good whiskey or a wine will make him feel pleased. Some Dads love wine and some love whiskey, a premium liquor will be a nice gift for him. A good pair of Liquor glasses, a premium whiskey or a Cabernet sauvignon wine will surely get you a lot of appreciation. Here is the list of gifts for all the Liquor Lover Dads out there.

    Cigar Lover Dad Gifts

    Lou Marazano (Frank Vincent) Lights Cigar

    Does your Dad love smoking cigars every once in a while? Is he a cigar aficionado and loves collecting them? For them cigar, isn’t just a cigar. From real cigars to cigar related accessories like cigar lighters, humidors and cigar cutters, we have promising gifts he will enjoy. Here is a list of all the very best gifts for your cigar lover Dad.

    Geek Dad Gifts

    computer geek dad

    Does your Dad spend lot of his time on computers? Does he like to do most of his work from his desk rather than going out? He is surely a futuristic Dad who loves technology and is always interested in finding out smarter ways of doing things. Why not give him something which will make his work more efficient and fast? A new printer, a tablet or a wireless keyboard/mouse will definitely make his work a lot easier. Here is the list of gifts for your geek Dad.

    Photographer Dad Gifts

    photographer dad

    Does your dad loves photography? Has he been capturing the most beautiful moments in your life since your childhood? He is a passionate photographer and a photographer has his needs. How about upgrading his passion with a new camera, lens kit or accessories? Here’s a list of some gifts for your Photographer Dad.

    Movie Lover Dad Gifts

    movie lover  dad

    If your Dad is a movie lover kind of guy and spends a lot of his time watching new as well as his favorite movies again and again, then this Father’s Day you can give him a very special gift. A big screen TV, a projector, surround sound speakers, Blu-ray player or his favorite movie titles will surely make a good gift. Here is a list of gifts for the movie lover Dads which will make him very happy this Father’s day.

    Chef Dad Gifts

    dad cooking

    Does your dad love to cook? Well, you’re one of those lucky persons in the world whose dad like to cook and make a fest for their family every once in a while. It’s the day to surprise him with a good gift that he can’t turn down. A nice set of kitchen knives, a food processor, juice extractor or a digital food scale would make him feel honored. Here is a list of things which you can gift your Chef Dad that will comfort him in the kitchen.

    Football Fanatic Dad Gifts

    football dad

    Who does not love football? It is the most loved sport all around the world; almost every Dad is a football enthusiast. And you must have spent a lot of time with him, watching big games of his favorite teams. An old fashioned football, a personalized jersey or a wireless football score cast will be a perfect gift for him. Here is a list of some great gifts for your football lover Dad.

    Gamer Dad Gifts

    dad playing games

    Does your dad love video games more than anything else? Well, he is one of the coolest Dads and he deserves a cool gamer gift for his day. All your life, he bought you games, gadgets and even paid for your computer. A high end gaming laptop, gaming console (Xbox or PlayStation), or a good gaming speakers will be the perfect gift for him. Here is a list of gifts which are perfect for your Gamer Dad.

    Music Lover Dad Gifts

    rock dad

    Does your dad love music more than anything in the world? Well, then there are plenty of gifts you can buy for him for his day! Vinyl records, posters, t-shirts, iTunes gift card or a good sound system makes a perfect gift. Here’s a list of some cool gifts for your music lover Dad.


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