Benefits of Using Desktop blogging tools

April 8, 2010

  • Desktop blogging clients are something a blogger cannot afford to miss if he/she wants to make blogging a smoother and pleasant experience(Of course their are many other factors that contribute to smooth blogging but lets not diverge from the point here).

    What exactly is a desktop blog editor?

    Desktop blog editor popularly referred to as desktop blogging client/tool(see the heading of this post) is a tool/application(what ever!!!) that you(a blogger) can use to make posts(more aptly prepare posts) and publish them to your lovely blog.The best part about the blog editors is that there is no requirement of a internet access for writing your blog posts. The only time you would require an internet connection is when you wish to publish your posts to your blog.

    Desktop blog editors are really useful when you have something to write and their is no internet connection available.You can write the post that you are thinking to write and save it as a local draft.And publish the draft to your blog when you have access to internet.

    Features and benefits of a desktop blogging tools

    Write blogs offline

    As I have mentioned above,with the help of desktop blogging tools you can prepare your blog posts while you are not connected to the internet and publish them later.

    Manage multiple blogs with multiple Platforms

    I don’t know much about other desktop blogging tools ,but the ones I am familiar with(Windows live writer) allow you to connect to multiple blogs and manage them simultaneously(with just a click you can switch from one blogs interface(wordpress,Typepad etc to another).

    Hassle Free Uploads management

    You can easily upload rich media, photographs, even links just with a copy paste and some desktop blogging tools also allow a drag and     drop to upload stuff to your blogs.

    Image Editing with Cool Effects

    Almost all desktop blogging tools provide image management tools such as adding effects, resizing, rotation, cropping, etc. for the images you use in your blog post.

    Smoothen Your blog posts with Spellcheck

    Spellcheck is available on many blog platforms but is a standard with desktop blog editors.

    Easier(less irritating) Blog post Writing

    Their are times when you are writing a long post and your blog editor just won’t allow you to have enough space for you to spread your words. With desktop blogging clients you can write your posts using the full screen of your gizmo.

    Rich formatting Of Your Blog posts

    By default you can use table,charts,graphs(Rich formatting) in your blog posts when using a desktop blogging tool but to use these features from your blog editor you need to use some plugins(who has the time for that???)

    On the Spot Preview of your Posts

    Web preview of posts comes standard in most editors, so you will know how the post is viewed online once published. This will avoid any additional changes needed after a post is published and made live.

    Web Integration

    Most desktop editors offer wonderful integration options with many web services such as Technorati for technorati tags, Flickr for adding pictures, YouTube for embedding videos, etc.So you can easily use the media from these WEB 2.0 sites.

    Saving Local Drafts And Posts as well

    Since you are using a Desktop blogging client the posts published will still remain in the client and serves as a backup incase of any data loss.

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Desktop blogging clients are installed in you local machine so then do follow the default the keyboard shortcuts of your operating system ,and this does helps you to blog faster.

    There, now we know about desktop blog editors and their benefits. These I am sure is enough reasons to get yourself a desktop blog editor.


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