Cigar Lover Dad Gifts

May 11, 2013

  • A bright man with a bold personality, sitting in an armchair, smoking his favorite hand made Cuban cigar in the front yard, watching the day closing by. Fascinating scene, eh? Well, here you’ll find all the items we have specially selected that will buoy up the gleaming personality your cigar loving dad.

    Quality Importers Desktop Humidor

    For a Cigar aficionado, humidors are definitely a must have item. It is more than just a fancy box to store your stogies, It keeps the cigar in perfect humidity (65-70%) to keep the tobacco fresh. From different sizes and designs to choose from, humidor is a gift that will surely make him happy.
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    Cigar Save It

    There could not be anything worse than getting interrupted while smoking your favourite cigar. The Cigar Save It is a utility accessory that extinguishes the cigar instantly and keeps it safe while maintaining its taste until you’re ready to finish it. No matter wherever you are, you can save your partially smoked cigar for later without ruining its taste.

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    Cast Iron Cigar Ashtray Hand

    Cigar Ashtray Hand is a unique ash tray with a surfaced bronze texture that is worth every cent. It has a rusty look and starts showing its character right out of the box. If nothing else, it’s definitely a conversation starter. It is a unique gift that your dad will love to have.
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    Cigar Caddy Waterproof Travel Humidors

    The Cigar Caddy Waterproof Travel Humidor is an ideal travel accessory that comes with a rugged, waterproof design. It is made for those who are on the go, and likes to carry their cigar everywhere. It keeps the Cigars safe from being mashed up in your luggage or pocket while maintaining its taste. It is a nice gift for your Cigar lover dad.
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    Zippo Pocket Dad Things Learned Lighter

    Your Dad is your hero since your childhood and since then, he has taught you a lot things. This Zippo Pocket Lighter is a witty gift to show your love and respect for him and bring a smile on his face.
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    Cuban Crafters Stainless Steel Perfecto Cigar Cutter

    Cigar cutter is a great tool to cut the perfect amount of tobacco from cigars. Cuban Crafters cigar cutter does the job perfectly. The blades of this cutter are made from surgical grade stainless steel. It is one of the best cigar cutters out there in the market. Buy one for your dad and wish him hassle free cigar cutting!
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    Hamilton Beach TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator

    Your Dad likes puffing a cigar wherever he is; in his office or at home. The Hamilton beach Room Odor Eliminator filters out the smoke and keeps the whole room smelling fresh. It is quite and does the job perfectly well. Now, your Dad does not need to worry about the odour anymore. It is perfect gift for Dads who like to smoke indoors.
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    Zippo Jack Daniel’s Label Brass Emblem Pocket Lighter

    So, your Dad likes to collect lighters. What could be an ideal gift other than a premium  Zippo? The Zippo Jack Daniels lighter is one of the cool collectibles that your Dad will love to have. It is a premium quality windproof lighter that will surely scintillate his lighter collection.
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    Zippo Brushed Brass 1941 Replica Lighter

    Zippo Brushed Brass 1941 Replica Lighter is an American classic. It is the best and the most reliable lighter that is meant to last. The quality is perfect and Zippo has done a very good job replicating the old one. Your Dad will fall in love with the trademark click sound as it opens and closes.
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