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April 9, 2010

  • Desktop blogging clients or tool is something  a blogger cannot think of blog without.In case you’re not familiar with the desktop blogging clients please read this post for a elaborate description and benefits of using desktop blogging clients.

    Free blogging tools for linux

    If you already know what a desktop blogging client is or have already the post that I have linked to above then read on for a nice ride into the world of desktop blogging clients which can be used to blog while you are offline and using Linux as your lovely operating system.

    Most of the desktop blogging clients are made for the major operating systems that are in use.Their are some of the desktop blogging clients that are work in all the major operating systems while some are meant for only specific ones only.

    Here is list of desktop blogging clients that are support Linux.

    1. ThingamaBlog

    Thingama Blog is not just another Desktop blogging client,it is packed with features that most of the desktop blogging clients don’t even bother to have.

    You do not need to have a a self hosted blog or website to use Thingamablog ,all you are going to need is FTP, SFTP, or network access to a web server.

    Thingamablog is also available for Windows and Mac


    Supports: Live Journal, Blogger, MovableType, Advogato, WordPress, Drupal

    Download | Website

    2. BlogTK

    blog tk

    BloGtk is a Desktop blogging client for the Gnome desktop.

    blogtk Lacks that WYSIWYG editor which is so common even in the native editors of most of the common blogging platforms.

    Supports :- All blogging platforms that have the option of Atom publishing (WordPress.blogger,Movable type etc)

    Download | Website

    3 . KBlogger


    KBlogger is the Native Desktop blogging client of the KDE desktop and requires you to configure the settings of the blog that you are going to make posts from your desktop.

    Supports: WordPress ,Movable Type, Drupal etc

    Download | Website

    4. Blogilo  For Linux


    Bloglio is a renamed version of the desktop blogging client Bilbo Blogger

    Like all Linux application it is  free/Open Source Blogging application, focused on simplicity and usability.

    It is based on the KDE Linux platform.

    Their is also a version of Bloglio for Windows.

    Supports:- Major Blogging platforms (WordPress , MovableType  etc)

    Download | Website

    5. QTM


    QTM is the Desktop blogging client which was initially designed for the KDE desktop but is now also available for GNOME based operating systems,Windows and Mac OSX.

    It has a nice look and has most of the features that Windows Live writer has(lacks image editing features and some others to mention).

    Supports: WordPress (including, Movable Type, Drupal etc

    Download | Website

    6. Drivel Journal Editor(Desktop blogging client for GNOME desktops).

    drivel journal

    Built basically for use with the Live Journal blogs and is even better than Windows Live writer when used for Live Journal.

    Supports other blogging platforms too ,but when you set it up for WordPress all the options are not available.

    Download | Website

    7. Gnome Blog Editor

    GNOME blog editor

    Unlike most of the other Desktop Blogging clients GNOME blog editor lacks many of the features that are a must for a blogger to have while writing/editing a blog post.

    Useful in situation when you want you blog quickly and without much of the in-post customization.

    Supports: Blogger, Advogato, Movable Type, WordPress, Live Journal, Pyblosxom

    Download | Website


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