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May 7, 2013

  • Camouflaging, wearing military style costumes and armour with realistic airsoft guns, is this how you picture your dad? Well, it’s not odd. Video games have the potential to create strong impact on our minds. And in this matter age is not a factor. Check out, we have selected some awesome gifts, we’re sure, that your gamer dad will absolutely drool over.

    Atlantic Gaming Desk

    Atlantic Gaming Desk is an easy to assemble desk for your gaming station. It is constructed from durable steel and the top is PVC laminated that is meant to last for years. With Cup holder, headset holder, speaker mounts, phone dock, and controller dock it’s a perfect gaming solution.
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    X Rocker II Video Gaming Chair , Wireless

    The X Rocker II is a gamers chair, it is comfortable, relaxing and makes the gaming experience much more fun. It has a built in speaker that gives the best audio experience with the comfort of a chair. Its ergonomic design allows for easy storage of chair when not in use. A perfect gift for your gamer Dad.
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    Xbox 360 Limited Edition Call of Duty MW3 Bundle

    The Limited Edition COD MW3 Xbox 360 is the most intense Call of Duty experience yet. The bundle includes two wireless controllers that have been crafted to match the console. If you are looking for a gaming console for your Dad the COD MW3 bundle is an absolute choice.
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    PlayStation 3 Bundle

    If you’re considering a PlayStation for your Dad there are some pretty good bundles out there. Choose the favourite bundle which is perfect for your Dad and make his gaming experience more special.
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    Sony Playstation Network Card

    If your Dad already owns a Playstation 3, then a playstation network card can be a great gift for him. It fills the PSN wallet with cash and allows you to download gaves, videos, DLC’s or stream music.
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    Xbox LIVE Gold Membership

    With Xbox 360 Live membership, your Dad can play online games with friends or strangers. Your Dad can watch HD movies, TV shows, sports and stream music. A perfect gift for your Dad who already owns a Xbox.
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    Turtle Beach Ear Force PX51 Wireless Gaming Headset

    Ear Force PX51 is a wireless headset that connects with your Playstation or Xbox 360. It simultaneously pairs with your phones so that you can take calls while playing games. With clear audio processing and Dolby Digital Surround Sound it is one of the best headsets out there. A perfect gift for your Gamer Dad.
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    Genius Surround Sound 80 Watts Gaming Speaker System

    Genius GX-Gaming speakers are the best quality gaming speakers that delivers rich 80 watt of dynamic digital surround sound. Perfect for enjoying your favourite games, movies or music.
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    ASUS Republic of Gamers Gaming Laptop

    Looking for a laptop to upgrade your gamer Dad? ASUS Republic of Gamers is a gaming beast for a reasonable price. It’s a perfect laptop for playing hardcore games or watching high definition movies.
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