Movie Lover Dad Gifts

May 4, 2013

  • So, your dad imitates Don Vito Corleone and loves reciting those legendary dialogues. Or may be he likes to watch the wild beasts in open nature. Well, we have picked out some amazing Dad gifts that we promise will magnify his television experience (and he could be shaking hands with Mr. Corleone or cuddling little cubs!).

    High Definition 3D LED TV

    Your Dad’s been watching all his films on the old television for many years now. Nothing can be a better gift for a movie lover than a new TV. The new LED technology with the best 3D display is the best gift for your movie lover Dad. Buy him a new TV and give him the best home viewing movie experience.
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    Blu-ray Home Theater System

    A good home theatre system makes the perfect movie experience. Your Dad loves watching movies, but unfortunately the inbuilt TV sounds systems aren’t that good. The Sony Blu-ray Home Theater System is perfect gift for your movie lover dad that will pump up his movie viewing experience.
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    Home Cinema Projector

    If your Dad likes to watch movies on big screen, a new HD projector is a perfect gift for him. Without compromising the quality, the new Epson PowerLite Home Cinema delivers sharp and brighter colours. A full theatre viewing experience right at your home.
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    Tarantino XX: 8-Film Collection

    The Tarantino XX movies collection is the best gift for a Tarantino fan. The collection boasts of 10 Blu Ray discs featuring 8 films and over 5 hours of bonus material. The collection perfectly suits a movie enthusiast as a movie collection is quite incomplete without Tarantino.
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    Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection

    If your Dad’s a bond Fan, the complete 22 Film collection will be a perfect gift for him. It is a 50th Anniversary edition with all the bond films. It is a perfect collector’s edition gift that a bond fan can have.  Both DVD and Blu-ray versions are available to grab.
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    Wireless Headphones

    Your Dad likes to watch late night movies. Why not him the gift of escapism? The Sennheiser Wireless Headphones are easy to use plug & play headphones that can be used for any purpose, whether it is movies or late night football games. It is a perfect gift for your late night movie lover Dad.
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    Universal Remote Control

    Your Dad’s always confused with so many remotes lying all over the coffee table or getting lost in the sofa cushions. We have chosen the URC WR7 Universal Remote that controls upto 7 devices. A perfect gift that will make his home entertainment experience easier and fun.
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    Parade Stores 96 Disc-Black

    A good CD/DVD storage makes disk organization easy and convenient. A movie enthusiast likes to keep things organized and this box does exactly the same. It can stack upto 96 disks while it takes space of just 12 DVD boxes stacked together. A good gift for your movie lover Dad, who can now store his movie collection easily and comfortably.
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    Kotobukiya Star Wars Darth Vader Silicone Tray

    This is one amazing gift for Star Wars fans. If your dad is one of them, here’s a Darth Vader Silicone Tray for ice as well as chocolates. Now, he can enjoy his favorite drinks, with the Darth Vader ice cubes! You can also use it as a mold for chocolates due to its head and cold resistant material.
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