Slow computer fix

20 Tweaks to Fix a slow computer

April 25, 2010

How to fix a slow computer or pc ?This same question or some other variant of it such as why is my computer running slow? or may be my computer is running slow what should I do ? are asked time and time again by many people.

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Image editing software splash up

10 Free Image Editing Software’s

April 24, 2010

Image Editing software’s are in abundance today and many of these software’s are so complicated that if a user wants to make some simple changes the picture or image he has to first spend some time with these software’s,before her can do so.

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Fullmetal alchemist wallaper

15 Beautiful Anime & Manga Wallpapers

April 20, 2010

Anime and Manga are two of the most famous characters (in fact Anime and Manga are the most accepted comic characters in Japan and pretty much dominate the comic market in Japan).Anime and Manga both have some characteristics features that make them stand out from all the other cartoon characters.

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Latest Firefox Wallpapers

10 Fresh Firefox Desktop Wallpapers

April 20, 2010

Here are some of the most unique  & latest Firefox Wallpapers that I have collected ,some of them have been made by me. So get ready for a nice and small ride of some of the coolest Firefox Wallpapers that are present in the web today. Please click on the wallpapers to enlarge them.

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Thumbnail image for 50+ Useful Firefox Plugins For Web Designers, Developers

50+ Useful Firefox Plugins For Web Designers, Developers

April 18, 2010

Firefox is used by majority of Internet users ,and same is the case with web developers and web designers. Here is the data on the percent of different browser users and their percent in the internet market as of this post (proving how useful Firefox is) One of the best parts about Firefox is that […]

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latest blogger templates

50+ Most Latest Blogger Templates

April 14, 2010

Blogger more aptly is the one of the leading blogging platform that was started and is free.Almost every blogger(that includes me and my friends as well) starts his/her blogging venture with

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