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600+ Glossy Social Media Icons

April 14, 2010

Social Media plays an important role in the success of a blog ,therefore a blogger needs to make use of the correct set of social icons so that the icons stand out from rest of the web page content .

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blogging tools for linux

Desktop Blogging Clients For Linux

April 9, 2010

Desktop blogging clients or tool is somethingĀ  a blogger cannot think of blog without.In case you’re not familiar with the desktop blogging clients please read this post for a elaborate description and benefits of using desktop blogging clients.

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Benefits of using Desktop blogging tools

Benefits of Using Desktop blogging tools

April 8, 2010

Desktop blogging clients are something a blogger cannot afford to miss if he/she wants to make blogging a smoother and pleasant experience(Of course their are many other factors that contribute to smooth blogging but lets not diverge from the point here).

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